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American Heart Health Month with Beurer and 

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Discover Our Latest Blood Pressure Monitors
Beurer Auto 400 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
With its German engineering, the Beurer Auto 400 monitor offers clinical precision in home blood pressure monitoring, equipped with irregular heartbeat detection and a cuff position indicator. This compact and user-friendly device stores up to 60 readings, ensuring thorough heart health tracking.

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Beurer Deluxe 600 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth®
The Beurer Deluxe 600 is a Bluetooth®-enabled blood pressure monitor with a backlit display, irregular heartbeat detection, and World Health Organization risk indicator scale, storing 180 readings for up to two users. It ensures precise measurements with cuff positioning and resting indicators.

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Beurer Premium 800 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth® and Talking Function
The Beurer Premium 800 blood pressure monitor combines an XL LCD display and color-coded risk indicator scale with Bluetooth® sync to the Beurer HealthManager Pro app, supporting 240 readings for two users. This device also features a bilingual talking function and comes with a universal cuff for user convenience.

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Beurer Premium 800W Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth®
The Beurer Premium 800W wrist blood pressure monitor offers clinical-grade accuracy with easy one-button operation and a comfortable, adjustable cuff. It features Bluetooth® syncing for tracking up to 120 readings for two users and includes a World Health Organization risk indicator scale for comprehensive health analysis.

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