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Blood Pressure Monitor: Features

Our German-engineered products are recognized for their quality, innovation and precision, all at reasonable price points. Beurer is here to help with a range of upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors to keep your heart health in check. Our devices are equipped with batteries, a universal cuff, inflation technology, risk indicator scale, heartbeat detection, user/memory spaces, and average value calculation.
beurer north america blood pressure monitor

Main Features

Learn more about this product's features:
inflation technology beurer blood pressure monitor bm81

inflation technology

The inflation technology function in an upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitor refers to the method used to inflate the cuff and measure blood pressure. This technology is responsible for the automatic inflation and deflation of the cuff during the measurement process.
resting indicator blood pressure monitor

resting indicator

The resting indicator function helps obtain accurate readings. When available, the resting indicator prompts the user to take measurements when they are in a calm and relaxed state. This ensures that the readings are not influenced by immediate physical activity or stress.
cuff position indicator beurer blood pressure monitor bm55

cuff position indicator

The cuff position indicator function is a helpful feature that guides users in placing the cuff correctly for accurate readings. Upper arm: ensures that the cuff is at heart level,
Wrist: helps users position the cuff at the correct height relative to the heart
risk indicator beurer blood pressure monitor bm55

risk indicator

There's a colored scale on the left-hand side of your device. An arrow will flash and point to the assigned color after every reading.


irregular heartbeat detection beurer blood pressure monitor bm55

irregular heartbeat detection

When the device detects one or two irregular heartbeat rhythms during measurement you'll notice a heart symbol flash alerting you of this.  
avergae values beurer blood pressure monitor bm55

average values

The average value of the morning measurements for the last 7 days is displayed and accessed with the M button
Morning: 5.00 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.
Evening: 6.00 p.m. – 08.00 p.m. 
2 users and 120 memory spaces  beurer blood pressure monitor bm55

users x memory spaces

The users & memory features allows multiple users to store their individual blood pressure readings separately. Each user can create their own profile, which enables personalized tracking and storing of their blood pressure trends over time. This feature is beneficial for individuals are using the same blood pressure monitor.
2 users and 120 memory spaces  beurer blood pressure monitor bm55

auto off

The auto-off function is a feature that automatically shuts down the device after a period of inactivity. When the monitor detects no user interaction or readings being taken for few minutes, it initiates the auto-off process to conserve power and prolong the life of the batteries. 
clinically proven blood pressure monitor

clinically proven

A clinically proven function in a blood pressure monitor refers to a feature that has undergone rigorous testing and validation by medical professionals and regulatory authorities. These tests are designed to verify the accuracy and reliability of the monitor's readings
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