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Alternatively, blood pressure can be measured on the upper arm or wrist. As various tests have shown, the measurement results are just as reliable when measuring on the wrist as on the upper arm. However, there is a restriction for older people, smokers and patients with cardiac arrhythmia and diabetes. They are recommended to measure the blood pressure on the upper arm.  
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General Recommendations:  

•Fluctuations in blood pressure are normal. Even with a repeat measurement, significant differences between the measured values ​​can occur.
• One-off or irregular measurements therefore do not provide reliable information about the actual blood pressure. A reliable assessment is only possible if you measure regularly under comparable conditions. In order to be able to make reliable statements about your blood pressure, it is best to measure it regularly and always at the same time while sitting down. It is ideal to measure in the morning (before taking the tablet) in bed and in the evening before going to bed.
• At least 30 minutes beforehand, you should not do any physical activity or take a sauna. Please empty your bladder before the measurement.
• 5 minutes before the measurements you should be completely still - do not eat, do not drink, do not move or speak.
• Keep your arm still during the measurement and do not clench your hand into a fist. Make sure you put on the cuff correctly. This should always be at heart level during the measurement. Place your legs side by side on the floor.
• Measure twice in a row. The second (usually lower) value is the relevant one. Write this down with the date and time.
• There should be a break of about 1 minute between the measurements so that the blood pressure conditions in the vessels can adjust again. However, the interval between the measurements should not be longer.
• Make a note of the results immediately after the measurement or save them in the beurer HealthManager app .

Upper Arm

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Differences Between:
 Upper Arm & Wrist

• Please note that there can be deviations in blood pressure measurement results between the right and left arm of up to 10 mmHg. This is because the left arm is closer to the heart.

• In order to be able to compare the measurement results better, the measurement should always be taken on the same arm. If in doubt, always measure the arm on which the higher blood pressure values ​​occurred at the beginning.

Different Measurement Results: Why Does That Happen?

Various influences can have an impact on the blood pressure and thus on the measurement results. This includes:

• Psychological influences such as fear and excitement
• Movement
• Muscle tension
• Talking
• Noise and other environmental influences such as television or radio

Measurement Error

In addition, errors during the measurement can falsify the results. Examples of the most common errors in blood pressure measurement are:

• Cuff applied too tight/too loose
• Cuff is not at heart level
• The pause between 2 measurements was too short
• Talking or moving during the measurement
• The cuff is placed over a thick piece of clothing
• The sleeve of the garment is pushed together and impedes blood flow
• It is measured more than three times in a row

White Coat Hypertension

• Even if you do everything correctly when measuring at home, your blood pressure measured there can differ from that in a doctor's office. The blood pressure values ​​measured at a doctor's visit are often higher.

• This is because patients are usually more relaxed at home than in the doctor's office. This phenomenon is called white coat hypertension.

• However, some people react in exactly the opposite way and show lower values ​​in the doctor's office where they feel safe. These symptoms are referred to as practice normotonia. In both cases, a long-term blood pressure measurement should be carried out in order to obtain reliable measurement results.
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