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beurer HealthManager Pro

Access your health data anytime, anywhere—whether at home, at the doctor’s office, or on the go. The 'beurer HealthManager Pro' app offers in-depth insights into your health metrics, providing more than just raw numbers.

Easy steps to connect your device to the app

Download from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store the 'beurer HealthManager Pro' app

For blood pressure monitors only, set the date & time on your device in 12hr format

Select the device you'd like to connect

Have the app open when using the device & make sure your Bluetooth® is on 

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Scan & Save – Your Digital Blood Pressure Diary for all Beurer blood pressure monitors — even without Bluetooth®


Writing down your blood pressure values is a thing of the past! Thanks to the "Scan & Save" function, you can now save measurements from all Beurer blood pressure monitors digitally in the app – even without Bluetooth®. All you need to do is scan the measurements with a smartphone camera. The result is automatically detected & saved in the app "beurer HealthManager Pro".

beurer HealthManager Pro FAQ

Where can I download the “beurer HealthManager Pro” app?

The "beurer HealthManager Pro" app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

How do I create an initial connection between the app and the device?

- Open the app
- Tap the plus sign in the top right corner of the home screen
- Select "device"
- Select the device category & then select your device
- Follow the further instructions in the app

Why can I not establish an initial connection between the app and the device?

Check to make sure you have activated the Bluetooth® function on your smartphone & the device. If a connection can still not be established, this could be due to different reasons:
- The minimum range in the open is approx. 15 m. Walls and ceilings reduce the range
- Check whether you currently have an active Bluetooth® connection with other devices such as your smartwatch, fitness tracker or other gadgets. Disconnect or move the relevant device outside the Bluetooth® range
- Other radio waves (e.g. WIFI router, microwaves, etc.) can interfere with the transfer.
- You are not connected to the app. Completely close the app (including in the background). Switch Bluetooth® off & back on again. Switch the smartphone off & back on again. Briefly remove the batteries from your device & reinsert them. Synchronise again.

Can I view the same measurements from multiple mobile devices?

You can view your measurement data on multiple devices if you have an online account. If you save your data locally, your measurement data will only be on one mobile device & cannot be displayed on multiple mobile devices. During registration, the options "Save online" & "Save locally" are available for selection.

 If you subsequently wish to save your data online, you can transfer the locally stored data to an online account at any time. To do this, click on "Profile data" under "Settings" in the menu & then on "Create account online".

 If you already have an online account, you can log in on different devices with your login details.

I don’t receive an e-mail after registering or if I’ve clicked “Forgotten password”. Why is that?

After registering or requesting a "forgotten password" link, an automatic e-mail should be sent to your saved e-mail address within 10 minutes. Please also check your other e-mail folders such as spam, junk, etc.

 If you have not received the e-mail, please contact our Customer Service team

How can I use the “beurer HealthManager Pro” app for several people?

You can create several users in the "beurer HealthManager Pro" app. All users require an online account for this purpose. 

Proceed as follows to create a new user: 
- Register or log in with a user 
- In the menu, click on the name of your user who is currently logged in 
- Select "Adding users" 
- Register the new user or log in with this user
- Both users will then have been created in the app

How can I switch between several users within the “beurer HealthManager Pro” app?

- In the menu, click on the name of your user who is currently logged in
- Select the desired user

Can I transfer my data to Apple Health and Google Fit?

Yes, the data can be transferred. You can find the option in the menu under "settings".

In which languages is the “beurer HealthManager Pro” app available?

The "beurer HealthManager Pro" app is available in the following languages:
- German
- English
- French
- Spanish 
- Italian 
- Greek 
- Dutch 
- Czech 
- Polish 
- Portuguese 
- Swedish 
- Finnish 
- Slovak 
- Hungarian 
- Danish 
- Romanian 
- Slovenian 
- Turkish 
- Bulgarian 
- Russian 
- Traditional Chinese 
- Simplified Chinese