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The Pearl Fertility App can predict your fertile window with 6-8 days in advance · Independent measurement and display of fertility hormones: LH and FSH · With 99% accuracy*, it increases your chances of getting pregnant

How it works: 

1. Download the free “Pearl Fertility” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

2. Start the app and follow the instructions

3. Register the app with the enclosed registration code

* If LH and FSH hormones are detected using the test strips

How To Use The Kit:
Ovulation is essential when trying to get pregnant  

Features Speacial

ot80 fertility kit by beurer
Choose your right FSH and LH trest stip beurer fertility kit

Choose the right strip  

The Pearl App informs you which strip to use each day. Your kit will either come with 2 or 3 kinds of test strips, depending on which you purchased. The pink strip tests your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels and the blue one tests your Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). 
LH levels on the ot80 beurer fertility kit

The pink strip: LH levels  

LH, or luteinizing hormone, regulates the function of the ovaries. 

For the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle, LH stimulates the ovarian follicles that produce estrogen. LH levels rise before ovulation: Around day 14 of the cycle, LH levels rise, and ovarian follicles tear to release a mature egg from the ovary. 

This process is known as ovulation, the process by which the egg travels down the oviduct where it then can then be fertilized. If fertilization has taken place, LH causes progesterone levels to increase, and this hormone prepares the uterus for pregnancy. 

A balanced level of LH is key to causing and maintaining fertility. By measuring LH levels, you can predict ovulation timing and fertility windows.
FSH levels on the ot80 beurer fertility kit

The blue strip: FSH levels  

FSH, or follicle stimulating hormone, is one of your most important hormones because it controls both menstrual cycle and ovulation. 

At the beginning of each cycle, FSH signals the ovaries to start follicle growth. Each follicle contains an egg, and the growing follicle then produces estrogen to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Increased estrogen then leads to a sudden rise in LH- levels.

Pearl by beurer - Your personal fertility test  

Your personal ovulation kit offers everything you need to get pregnant faster naturally with hormone test strips and a practical app.  

FAQs on Pearl by Beurer  - Personal Fertility set

What is Pearl by Beurer?

Pearl is a smart hormone-tracking system that allows you to track two key fertility hormones digitally. It consists of an app and a kit, which includes hormonal test strips. With them you can measure your hormones and by taking a photo of the designated test strip with the app, you have access to your measurement results and graphs right away and can follow along your hormone patterns throughout your cycle. This gives you accurate information about your fertile days, your ovulation and your menstruation.

Does Pearl by Beurer help me if I’m trying to conceive?

Yes! Hormones are the triggers of ovulation. Knowing how your hormones change helps you know when it is the best time to conceive. Pearl works by measuring 2-3 hormones with test strips and the Pearl App. The app tracks how your hormones go up and down by looking at the changes in the hormonal strips. Pearl then stores the these results overtime to build a personalized hormonal profile. Pearl’s intelligent algorithms interpret your hormonal information and show you key days with your highest chance to get pregnant; a.k.a the fertile window. Pearl gives you a prediction well in advance so you have time to plan.

How does Pearl by Beurer inform me about my hormonal levels? How does Pearl give me feedback?

Pearl interprets hormonal levels from the test strips and displays directly your probability of conception, also known as the Fertile Window. This Fertile Window is represented in the form of a flower that opens and closes according to the chance to conceive each day. Below the flower, you can also read whether you are fertile, highly fertile, or should keep on testing. Please read the instructions for use carefully before start using Pearl.

Why does Pearl by Beurer tell me I am ovulating when I am not?

The menstrual cycle is different for every woman. Normal menstrual flow might occur every 21 to 35 days and last two to seven days (source: The National Women's Health Information Center). Pearl’s algorithm uses a regular cycle based on your age as a basis, then adapts according to the individual cycle duration as you input your cycle information. Once hormonal information is received, ovulation and the fertile window will update in real time for your current cycle.

How do I tell Pearl by Beurer when my period is over?

When your period starts, input your flow (heavy, medium, light). When your period is over, simply stop entering flow information, and the app assumes your period is over. You can continue regular hormonal testing at that time.

Is Pearl by Beurer right for me?

Pearl by Beurer is right for you, no matter if you simply want to have an accurate and safe cycle tracking method, or if you want to increase your chances to conceive. Pearl lets you know when your most fertile days are and can predict your ovulation up to 6 days in advance, based on your individual hormone values.

How is Pearl by Beurer different from other ovulation tracking apps?

Unlike other period or ovulation tracking apps, Pearl's cycle analysis is based on actual levels of two key fertility hormones. Through Pearls smart technology, you can easily digitize your measurements and even follow along your hormonal changes throughout the cycle. Pearl's cycle analysis isn't based solely on statistics like other apps and takes into account, that each cycle is different rather than making assumptions based on data from your last cycle. This gives you insight into whats actually happening inside your body in real time.

Can Pearl by Beurer measure Progesterone (PdG)?

The Pearl by Beurer App is compatible with Proov Progesterone Strips and can read, analyze and digitize them for you which allows you to confirm ovulation and to be sure about your Progesterone levels. Please note that the Pearl Kit does not include Progesterone strips, you have to purchase them separately.

Can Pearl by Beurer track my menstrual cycle, even if I had a miscarriage?

Pearl can help you track your cycle, regardless of if you’ve had a miscarriage. To ensure your cycle is functioning optimally post- miscarriage, we recommend consulting your doctor/OBGYN.

Can Pearl by Beurer tell me if I have a regular menstrual cycle?

Regularity isn’t finite, as cycles vary in length from person to person and from cycle to cycle. Pearl can give you an estimate of the length of your menstrual cycle by looking at your previous cycles. Download the Pearl App and input as many past cycles as possible in the calendar for a better estimation.  

Still unsure? 

We have an excellent customer service team that can help you answer any technical or overall questions you may have. 

Send us your questions to: or 1 (800) 536-0366