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Five Stars from April Fesler

This is the best manicure set I'v ever had and it was a gift to me and I'm so glad I got it....I'm in the nail business and It's a must have for me

Great Blood Pressure Device

Compact, small and accurate. This was exactly I was looking for!

Blood pressures monitor BM26

I love my new blood pressures monitor it is so easy to used. It has date time plus large number to read. I have recommended this monitor to my seniors friends. Than you Helen k

Easy to use

Nice set and great price. Very user friendly. Attachments work as intended unlike others I have tried in the past.

more accurate than our previous one

Using it is a breeze. Pressure number are closer to the one our doctor has on his machine. The strange thing about this "bracelet" is that its start low and increase the pressure and will stop sooner than other systems who will pressure your arm more and more often close to 200 and then calculate your pressure on the way down. Ours is faster, more comfortable. The app is not easy to use connect, we ended up not using it at all without any issues.

Replacement dispodsal eat prefer for model FT58 Ear Thermometer

Customer Service representative was professional and extremely helpful. Order was received expeditiously and well packaged for shipping protection.

Simple and accurate

Very easy to use, no issues with syncing with bluetooth

EM49 TENS/EMS Excellent Quality, Value & Easy to Use

I am most impressed with the quality of this device. Easy to use with a most intuitive menu panel and well written manual that accompanies this unit. I was able to easily program in specific treatment parameters that were recommended by a practitioner. I am a very particular consumer who researches extensively before purchasing anything. This modality of treatment is top notch for those looking for an easy to us first time TENS/EMS device that will not disappoint. Highest recommendations for this product.

I'm so satisfied about this product

What a relief after years of struggling with period pains. My husband bought me this product I'm so happy with it. Will be replacing the gel pads soon. Thank you Beurer!


Love it, but Bluetooth will not sync.

Exceeded my expectations

A worthy investment. This a very useful and high quality tool with a wonderful performance. Just buy it, you won't regret it!

Just bought through Amazon for a Birthday Gift

Just bought this mani/pedi drill from Amazon for my girlfriend for her birthday (January 29th) and gave it to her and she loves it!

She says the compact size of it and quick charge capabilities are nice and it does exactly what it's supposed to. The only negative she could find is that it is kind of loud compared to its size. But seeing as it does what it's supposed to do, and it does it well, I think that's a good trade-off!

-Alan B (Sterling Heights, MI.)

It works well as a replacement cuff

No comments

Just what the doc requested

I recently purchased the Beurer series 400 blood pressure cuff. This cuff has been a blessing. It has 5 or more extra needed features. My doctor wanted me to have a cuff that shows heart complication levels as well as the heart rate and blood pressure. I don't have to write down my measurements anymore because the machine stores them for you, along with the time and date. These features are easy to set up and you only have to set the time/date once. There is even a feature that allows more than one person to track and store there BP measurements if needed. It is battery powered, but it came with batteries, so you can use it once you get it. The price is great compared to other BP machines, especially the ones that do not offer as many features as Beurer.

Use it every day

Very very easy to use. Put the batteries in, connect the tubing and start using.

Great cuff!

My hubby purchased this cuff because he has high blood pressure that hs to be moniotored several times a day. The uniy is seeming accurate, compact and proced well.

Great product

Fantastic to have all of this information rather than just my weight. Can track body fat over weeks and body water over hours/days. Important to help me know what I am doing and when I am moving in the direction I want to go. Download to phone was seamless and easy. I still need to figure out how to add my wife's data.

Excellent filter!!

I have used this machine and breath easier in my bedroom. this filter will last about 16 months at the medium fan speed, A much noticeable different air to breath. Value is awesome.

BM 26

Most accurate and easy to use blood pressure monitor I have used! Definitely worth the money!

EM 59

J’ai reçue ma machine EM 59. Je suis très contente de la petite machine que j’ai achetée. Je l’utilise régulièrement. Cela me fait grandement du bien. Là où ça fait mal.

Love it!

I gifted this to my Aunt, who suffers with MS. She is dependent on someone to do her nails. After reviewing several different ones. I'm confident that I made the best choice. It is heavy duty and beautifuly crafted. The kicker for me was the capability to charge it in it's own box. I am sure that I will be purchasing myself one in the future.

Fantastic BP Monitor!

Easy to set up and use! Was using within 5 minutes after I got home.

Glad I purchased it!

I bought this Beurer Massager because my coworker let me try hers. I really felt better by the end of the day....I bought mine 2 days later!! Love It!!

great low voltage/watts heated underpad for camping

I bought it for camping in the winter. I tested this heated underpad with a 1000kwh battery bank. It could last for at least 2 nights with warm level 5 based on the reading.

Designed for Knees & Elbows but it works on MY SHOULDER Too!

Quality German engineered product. I protect in a cell phone case (see pic) because I use it while doing working outside.
From a shoulder dislocation (parachute jump in May 1990 desert north of Tel aviv Israel) I used this to relief the pain (to sleep on it) after 33 years!. To keep electric contact on shoulder I simply press the unit between by shoulder and the chair,...first night I didn't wake up in pain from laying on my left side! Very satisfied. :)