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Was skeptical at first, but what a surprise!

I purchased this insect bit healer because my friend told me about it, but I was skeptical at first because I haven't tried it and it sounded too good to be true. To my surprise, I tried it out and it's been an amazing experience since! The only thing is that there's a sting because of the heat, but I learned to anticipate it and endure it knowing that if I don't, it won't help. No pain, no gain, right?

Gives relief

My wife bought a 2nd one for home. Works on stiff back & knees.

Amazing Product

This product is amazing and useful; I'm so happy I bought it.

Digital Scale BF 720

Very happy with this scale and all available data provided by scale after stepping on the scale. Fantastic Bluetooth transfer of data after each measurements and I would highly recommend this scale for every household.

great product

I needed to monitor my BP due to adjusting my meds. My brother in law had one of these BP monitors and I tried it a couple of times. I bought one for myself. My doctor had me bring it in to verify my numbers and it got passing colors. KAM


I really like my new Beurer 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser. I like that it has several settings with light indicators, looks good on the counter top, and provides a gentle mist into the room. I also like that it has a drawer with a pad where you can add some aroma oil to gently infuse the room. I am completely happy except it is very awkward to remove the draw to add aroma oils. This access could have been designed better.
Ross Currie

manucure parfaite

J'adore l'ensemble de manucure /pédicure MP 62, très complet facile d'utilisation.

Long and wide

Just a little disappointed because it's not worked out for me. This is not because there is anything wrong with the cuff. This is all quality merchandise. Unfortunately the cuff has extra width in addition to the extra length. For me this did not work. I love my Beurer BP monitor and am using my original cuff.

Donald McWilliams, 5020 Meadow Oak Park Dr., Jackson, MS39211

Great product, very helpful for managing my fitness goals.

Beurer IL 50 Infrared Heat Lamp

Bought this a few months ago - very well designed and works just as advertised. Easy to use and works wonders on the area exposed to the infrared heat. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an easy home remedy to aches and pains.

Beurer 4D Neck Massager, MG153
Muhammad Yousuf Jilani
All in one Massager

The Beurer MG153 isn't just a neck massager; it's a comprehensive solution for neck, shoulder, and back tension. Its targeted massage nodes effortlessly soothe knots in these areas, providing much-needed relief after a long day. The added heating function enhances the experience, loosening tight muscles and promoting relaxation. This multifunctional massager offers a blissful escape, delivering targeted relief precisely where you need it most.

Baby Care App not working for awhile (2+ weeks)

I called the help line that I'n not able to register a new account recieving an error saying, "An error ocurrd. Please try again later". The help desk confirmed they too see the error. They took my phone number to contact me when resolved. A few weks have gone by no call still not working.

It is a good electric blanket but why is the price so high?

I wanted to buy an electric blanket not made in China. This Beurer Throw blanket appeared in my search results. It appeared to be made in Germany. But when the blanket arrived, the label says "made in China." There are electric blankets for sale, made in China, for half the price of this Beurer heated electric blanket. I have one from Costco. Why is the Beurer blanket double the price of my heated electric blanket from Costco, when both are made in China?


The product I ordered 2 weeks ago was shipped incorrectly and I haven't received it yet. I am requesting a refund. Please process it quickly.

Don't trust this product and the company customer service.

I bought their heated under blanket pads. One of them got rust after couple of uses for a visiting family member.(not daily) I didn't even washed it even though it's washerble. I have the same product. So I knew and told them this was item default. However they asked me to ship it to them for inspection. I hoped it was more durable since it was Germany based company but my American brand was much more reliable. I have been using American brand heating pad for years. With this customer service how can I trust your company and buy without risk of loosing money?

Hi Yeeon Jung. We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with one of your UWB55 blankets. We appreciate your feedback and are looking into this matter to better assist you.

Nice massager, helped in they leaving back and neck pain. As intensity level, very useful.

Goodbye toe nail fungus!

Compact storage kit, complete with several (10) heads for filing, cleaning, removing polish (if a woman). It fits my needs for ocassional removal of thick discolored big toe nails. It seems safe and well thought-through. so far, so good..

Don't Buy This Unit

To all those who intend on using this product with a loved one, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

We have bought two units of this item: neither one worked. NEITHER ONE WORKED.

Please; please consider another portable nebulizer. This product is a trap. A deadly trap.

Am so upset that I neither want a refund nor a follow-up call.

Great manicure

I never purchased a manicure kit before. I have now used it a few times and I like the results. I used for calluses on my feet and the roughness around my toes. They feel smoother now. I like the different gadgets to use for fingernails and feet. I have mild eczema but mostly on my fingertips. When they get dry rough skin, I used the file to smooth the rough dry skin on the side of my fingers. What can I say, it is worth purchasing.

Amazing little guy

This is an amazing massager. Packs a powerful punch. The lowest speed is super powerful already and it really helps.

Great replacement part

One of the toenail attachments of my Toenail tool wss worn and needed replacement. Order two. Price with shipping very reasonable.

Accountability Scale

Hands down for the price this scale did everything I need to do. So far the wifi/bluetooth is seamless it stores my readings until i open my app and I'm at home close to the scale. I also like how it automatically reads other profiles I have set up automatically of other individuals.

Easy to operate

Leaves red marks on my arm. It tightening too much leaving red lines on my arm, from the strap. The redness go away after a couple of days. Also, it can give you different readings if you keep doing it over and over. So take some time between readings. I bought mine (identical) from CVS.

Look no further

One of my sons and I both share a common trait - mosquitos love biting us. My other son and wife, for some reason, never has this issue. When I'm bit, it swells to welts that last usually a few weeks. I literally stumbled across this device on Amazon and figured I'd get one as it was reasonably priced. I learned - it's invaluable. This device works EVERY time. I was told that you had to apply it within 30 minutes of the bite, but I've found that it works for me even the following day. Now, I do admit that it stings a little bit, but nothing unbearable. Young kids might not like the burning sensation. For me, 6 seconds of a slight sting in place of avoiding the agony of itching all hours of the day for a few weeks is an EASY trade. I believe they give a refund if it doesn't work for you, so there's really no reason to not dive in. I purchased a 2nd one for work and now about 3 of my co workers have purchased one. You won't regret it. the picture below is a slight red area remaining a few hours after the bite. Absolutely no swelling from the bite and the itching is gone immediately and it lasts. Curious on the reasoning on why this works. I had heard that heating a spoon works, but never worked for me. This does and I'm so glad to have found it. I promise, you will be so happy with how this thing works.