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3-Layer H13 HEPA Filter System

Our Air Purifier utilizes a high-efficiency 3-Layer H13 HEPA filter system to clean the air and help maintain the ambiance free of any impurities.  

Beurer 3-Layer Air Purifier, LR210  

Combats Itching, Swelling and Inflammation
an air purifier you can trust on

Air Purification through high-efficiency 3-Layer H13 HEPA filter system  

With 99.7% filter performance our Air Purifier can bring to your home the following benefits:  

• REMOVES dust pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, germs, and other pollutants
• REDUCES passing through the activated carbon filter  

• ALLEVIATES allergies or any seasonal symptoms  

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Benefit one
ODOR ELIMINATOR FOR HOME: A smart filter system, 3 fan power levels, timer function & filter change indicator – LR210 is your air cleaning solution of choice
Benefit two
HEPA AIR PURIFIER: A 3-layered filter system, composed of the pre-filter, activated carbon filter & H13 HEPA filter, allows for a filter performance of 99.5%. 
Benefit three
FOR ALLERGIES AND PETS: Our air cleaner alleviates any allergies and seasonal symptoms. Also ideal for pet owners
Benefit four
SLEEP MODE: With its extra-quiet and dimmed night mode setting, the LR210 is the ideal air purifier for your bedroom

Beurer 3-Layer Air Purifier, LR210  

$135.90 $77.30

• For optimum ambient air
• Perfect to battle allergies

• For rooms up to 107 ft² - 236.8 ft²
• Timer Function
3 fan levels
• With illuminated panel
• With night mode: ultra-quiet operation with dimmed panel
• Replacement filter with filter light indicator
Pre-filter + Combination filter: 660.04
(Running time of the filter: approx. 4320 hours)

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