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Individual solutions in a range of designs

The longer hearing problems are left untreated, the more pronounced the hearing loss can become. If addressed early on you can enjoy a renewed experience of hearing thanks to our sophisticated technology!

The hearing amplifier collection from Beurer consists of individual solutions that use a range of designs. You can decide which model best suits your lifestyle. 

Take an active part in life again by browsing our selection: 

The perfect hearing amplifiers for every need A hearing amplifier should always be perfectly adapted to the wearer's individual needs. Whether worn in the ear or placed behind the ear, prioritizing inconspicuousness or ease of operation – Beurer offers hearing amplifiers that fit seamlessly into your daily life.

A few hearing amplifier facts you should know 

Will my hearing amplifier be noticeable?

The short answer, no. Large or bulky hearing amplifiers are a thing of the past. At Beurer we offer a growing selection that combines modern, practical and discreet designs for you to choose from. 

Will hearing amplifiers make my hearing worse?

Since hearing amplifiers carry sounds from your surroundings into your ear to make them louder, these will not affect your hearing. Amplifiers will not restore you to your normal hearing, but they will improve your hearing by amplifying sounds that you've had trouble hearing. People with impaired hearing who do not use hearing amplifiers will begin to experience hearing loss. Over time, this leads to degeneration of the hearing nerve, and transmission to the brain progressively worsens.  

How do I know which hearing amplifier is for me?

Choosing the right hearing amplifier is a difficult decision. Most want people want to find a device that will be both high-quality and less noticeable.

It's important that before you purchase, you ask yourself the following questions:

 - How much am I willing to spend on a device?

 - Can I allow myself time to get used to the hearing amplifier?

 - How much will I care if it's noticeable.

 Our customer care team at Beurer can also help you determine what the right fit might be. Feel free to reach out at info@beurer or 1 (800) 536-0366 and ask about our return policy and warranty.

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss may come with age, prolonged exposure to loud noises, illness, or an accident. Some hearing difficulties generally affect both ears or only one. This is why we carry different hearing amplifiers that will accommodate you. 

When do I know if I need a hearing amplifier?

Being able to hear well is part of life. So when you start noticing a lack of hearing in either right, left, or both ears, maybe it's time to try a hearing amplifier. Beurer hearing amplifiers support your hearing ability. They provide the ability to amplify the volume of all indoor indoors and outdoors. The hearing amplifiers can help you improve your quality of life, without having to tone out any of the sounds you do want to hear. 

What's the best way to take care of my hearing amplifiers?

Taking care of your hearing amplifiers is important to ensure that they last for as long as possible. Beurer offers the right care products for various models.

Drying capsules for ITE, BTE, and RIC hearing amplifiers. Since moisture can damage any hearing device it's important to have a drying capsule to prevent this from happening.

The color changer indicates when the capsule's drying capacity is running out and when it's time to change it. For ITE and RIC hearing amplifiers Earwax guard is recommended for these devices.

These hearing devices are fitted with special earwax guards which protect against earwax, dirt, and moisture. They should be replaced regularly.

Still unsure? 

We have an excellent customer service team that can help you answer any technical or overall questions you may have. 

Send us your questions to: or 1 (800) 536-0366