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Partners & Collaborations

We consider our intensive collaboration with independent testing institutes and prestigious universities to be absolutely essential. We take our responsibility towards our customers very seriously and we continually submit ourselves to critical control procedures from the most prestigious institutes. The results achieved in this context reflect the high quality standard of Beurer products.
Member of the Deutsche Hochdruckliga (German Hypertension Society)
  • The Deutsche Hochdruckliga e.V. DHL is committed to ensuring that as many people as possible who are affected by high blood pressure find out about their illness and achieve the best possible results. To achieve this, the society works closely with politicians and organizations, supports research projects and doctors and educates the population.
Member of the Deutsche Diabetes-Stiftung (German Diabetes Foundation)
  • We actively support the prevention work performed by the foundation. Every device sold makes a financial contribution towards informing the general public, educating diabetics and professionals and supporting research.
  • Beurer is a member of ProBusiness, an initiative for European electrical domestic appliance brands. For more information, please visit
Member of the Deutsche Fibromyalgie Vereinigung e.V. (German Fibromyalgia Association).
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome, or muscle fibre pain syndrome, is a chronic pain disorder that spreads throughout the entire body and is not linked to psychological conditions. The cause and origin of the disorder are unexplained and it is therefore only possible to alleviate the persistent pain, but not to cure it. The use of heat for pain relief has been established as a very promising form of therapy. For Beurer, a specialist in heat products for almost 90 years, supporting the Deutsche Fibromyalgie Vereinigung e. V. as a sponsor since January 2009 has been both an honour and in fitting with our company ethos. In addition to financial resources, Beurer offers its support through product development.
Cooperation with expert Prof Kurscheid
  • With expert support, we aim to provide you with an instrument that communicates safety, quality and trust. Our cooperation with Prof Thomas Kurscheid comprises advisory videos, product tests and product studies. You can find out more about the cooperation here:
Main sponsor of the Einstein Marathon in Ulm, Germany
  • Beurer has supported the half marathon component of the Ulm Einstein Marathon as its main sponsor since 2006. Traditionally, Beurer has not only given its name to the half marathon, but also enters a team in the race every year.

    You can find more information here:
Member of the bwcon network
  • With the motto "Technology and Innovation in Baden-Württemberg", bwcon organises one of Europe's largest and most successful technology networks which connects 5,500 experts from over 500 companies and scientific institutions, agencies and private individuals in Freiburg and Stuttgart. bwcon has set itself the goal of promoting strategically important technologies and applications for the business location and living environment of Baden-Württemberg.
Partner of the Centre for Integrative Therapy (CIT) 
  • Christopher Gordon is the inventor of the Fascia-ReleaZer® and developed this product together with Beurer. He is the owner of the Centre for Integrative Therapy (CIT) in Stuttgart and developed Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT) during his career spanning more than 30 years. The CIT academy offers advanced training days for the Fascia-ReleaZer®, educates trainers and provides advanced training in the IFT method.

    You can find more information at
Membership at ZVEI
  • Beurer is a member of ZVEI, one of the most important industry associations in Germany. They represent the interests of the electrical and digital industries at a national and international level. The association's work is based on the exchange of experience and opinions between members on current technical, economic, legal and socio-political topics in the field of the electrical industry.

    You can find more information here
You can find more information here
  • As a member of the Ulm innovation region, Beurer is an active co-creator of impressive qualities for the area. The Ulm innovation region is shaping requirements and conditions to get people excited about our region, especially in the areas of work, life and study.

    You can find more information about the cooperation here
Values that stand the test of time, for greater sustainability with the Terra Institute
  • The Terra Institute was founded in 2010 to create space for awareness around responsible business transformations. We take responsibility for the economic, environmental and social impacts of our company and develop sustainability strategies for our company and our environment together with the Terra Institute.

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Member of the Verband sozialer Wettbewerb (Association for Social Competition)
  • We are part of the Verband sozialer Wettbewerb e.V. to ensure fair and orderly competition. The focus is on safeguarding the rules of fair competition and combating unfair competition. For more than 30 years, the Verband sozialer Wettbewerb e.V. has operated very successfully in combating unfair competition and white-collar crime, which is extremely important for the functioning of the market economy.

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